Medical Cover Letter 11

00Medical Cover Letter 11

Dear Mr. Renfro:

With 13 years of experience providing patient care and exceptional treatment in the nursing field, I am pleased to present the enclosed resume in response to your posting for a Staff Nurse. I am confident that my skills and background will allow me to substantially assist Unaity General Hospital in meeting—and exceeding—its healthcare goals.

My expertise lies in providing exceptional patient service and compassionate care within various environments—such as internal medicine, pediatrics, and acute care facilities—while facilitating treatment program success through effective needs assessments and strong clinical judgment abilities. Tracking patient vitals, collecting specimen samples, and maintaining confidential patient and procedure records are just a few of many tasks I performed each day, consistently providing a superior level of compassionate patient care.

Highlights of my experience include:

Performing a full range of nursing responsibilities, including patient histories and assessments, medication administration, testing, referrals, insurance authorizations, treatment plan development, report generation, and general administrative support.
Collaborating with peers, physicians, and ancillary service providers to ensure appropriate patient services and improving overall patient care.
Driving disease and illness prevention and educating patients and family members to ensure optimal ongoing care.
Serving as a committed patient advocate to build solid and trusting patient relationships.
Infusing my energy and enthusiasm for healthy living into the lives of my patients.
Possessing an Associate of Science in Nursing degree with a commitment to achieving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
With my vast knowledge and experience, I am well positioned to enhance patient care at Unaity. I look forward to discussing this opportunity, along with my qualifications, with you soon. In the interim, thank you for your consideration.


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