Medical Cover Letter 12

00Medical Cover Letter 12

Dear Miss Shelly,

Since I was a child, helping people has been my calling; I even tucked my siblings in when they were sick and gave them a bell to ring if they needed help. This passion for caring for others led me to become a registered nurse in 2008.

As a proud RN with more than 10 years of experience in direct patient care, I would be thrilled to bring my passion to X Hospital. I have focused on pediatric care for the majority of my career, and your new children’s wing presents so many opportunities and possibilities. Your mission of accommodating the news of every child perfectly aligns with my own.

At my current employer, I developed a scheduling system that improved efficiency by 35%. I have also been routinely highly rated by both colleagues and patients; in fact, several long-term patients have requested me on numerous occasions. I would be so excited to replicate these same accomplishments in the new facility at X hospital.

I look forward to discussing the position further with you.


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