Medical Cover Letter 13

00Medical Cover Letter 13

Dear Mr Stevenson,

With four years of experience as a nurse in the cardiology unit of X Hospital, I know what it takes to provide exemplary patient care. My former supervisor, [supervisor’s name], continues to speak highly of Y Hospital and suggested I contact you about a cardiac care position.

I performed a clinical rotation at your hospital during my training and saw it as the gold standard for providing exemplary health care. I would be thrilled to be part of the team, bringing my CMC certification and highly-rated experience working with cardiac patients, among other qualifications. As you transition to a new charting system, I would be happy to bring my own expertise handling patient charts into the fold.

I have witness Y Hospital’s dedication and commitment to providing exemplary care to cardiac patients firsthand and would be delighted to join you. I look forward to hearing from you in this regard.


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