Medical Cover Letter 5

00Medical Cover Letter 5

Dear Ms Thompson,

Managing my unit’s budget and cutting 35% from it without sacrificing quality of patient care was one of my proudest moments as a nurse. I would be even prouder to replicate that success at Maine Medical Center’s Portland Unit.

As a nurse with 5 years of experience, I’m drawn to MMC’s patient-centered focus. MMC’s belief in ownership and innovation create a respectful environment where I believe my talents would shine. Among my past achievements:

Created efficient schedules that cut 10% of the scheduling waste from the unit.
Trained 11 nursing staff in EMR systems and best practices.
Led an HCAHPS improvement drive that helped our hospital recoup an extra 1% of Medicaid reimbursements.

I’m excited to see how much more I can do in a focused system like MMC’s.

Can we set up a meeting to discuss how my past work can translate to elevated success for MMC’s patients?

Best Regards,

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