Teacher Cover Letter 19

00Teacher Cover Letter 19

Dear Ms Andrews:

As someone whose life has been shaped by Catholic education, I am thrilled to learn of your open position for an English teacher.

In May, I will graduate from St. Norbert College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and an Early Adolescence-Adolescence certification. My pre-service teaching experiences, including sophomore block with Jan Theyer, have shown me that Notre Dame Academy provides a nurturing environment dedicated to the growth of each individual student.

As a student-centered educator who shares your values, I would be a proud and dedicated member of your learning community.

My strengths as a student-centered educator include holistically educating my students and differentiating to meet their individual needs.
At St. Matthew School, I spiritually, academically, and personally educated my
eighth graders most significantly through a cross-discipline unit, The Saints.
Students’ objectives included following a research process, creating a final presentation, and connecting personally and spiritually with their saint.

I differentiated by providing student choice in their research and final project, which also motivated the students. For my Jewish student, I differentiated further, collaborating with his family to find a saint who has made an impact in the Jewish community.
In the end, students were visibly proud and knowledgeable of their learning, sharing their projects with the church community after mass.
I have also used technology to enhance students’ understanding of literature. The setting and ornamental language of The Scarlet Letter can alienate modern readers, so my Honors American Literature students at De Pere High School previewed recent films and music that refer to the novel. The students also explored the historical setting of the Puritans through a website and webquest I created (which Mrs. Thillman continues to use in her classroom).
Online chats supplemented the verbal class discussions and gave me an outlet to assess my more reserved students. These forms of technology raised students’ interest in the text and increased their understanding of the themes of the novel, as they align with the Common Core Standards.

As an educator who already shares your values, I would be a dedicated English teacher in your learning community.

Please feel free to discuss my interest in the position further by phone at (000) 645-3408 or by email at nat@gmail.com.
I will follow up the week of April 29 to discuss any questions you may havea bout my qualifications.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to communicating with you.


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