Teacher Cover Letter 4

00Teacher Cover Letter 4

Dear Ms Adams,

I would like to apply for your recently advertised Academic Instructor vacancy.
I consider myself a well qualified applicant who would be an excellent choice for this position.

I will work non-stop to help my students shine and stand out no matter who they are.

I am totally committed to ensuring that those I teach have the relevant skills, qualifications and experience required for their future, whether that is to seek employment or continue their education. For me gaining a higher education qualification is all about setting yourself apart and furthering your career. I believe I have the skills to do this and also at the same time to instil in graduates a strong ethical moral compass along with a passion to serve others.

As my attached CV and references will indicate, I have previous experience of creating an innovative learning environment both inside and outside the classroom to inspire success and excellence in student learning. You will also see from it that I have the ability to function independently as a member of a team in a constantly changing and resource- limited environment.

In my current role I am responsible for instructing students from all walks of life, with lots of different needs and goals. I provide classroom instruction in the areas of basic education, classes, career planning, social adjustment, and general life skills. In addition to this I go out of my way to create strong links with top employers across a range of industries, so as to ensure our courses are tailored to continuously evolving industry needs.

On a personal level I am a dynamic, engaging individual who has a passion for teaching, and a genuine desire to serve students. I have the ability to interact positively with diverse groups of individuals, possess strong communication skills, and have the ability and willingness to use advanced technology.

Right now I am keen to join a institution like yours where students succeed because the college community engages and supports them in every way possible.

Finally, I would be grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities further at a interview.

Yours sincerely,

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