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Carta de presentación de enseñanza en inglés

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to apply for the position of teacher of English and/or French.

During my academic studies of Translation and Interpreting of English and French, I took part in the Erasmus programme at University of Birmingham. I would like to point out that this experience provided me with a much broader knowledge of the English culture and language. Besides, I received the teaching certificate in English and a course on the Introduction to the Methodology of Spanish as a Foreign Language in order to get to know more pedagogic tools which could help me to deliver better lessons as well as to gain valuable classroom experience.

As my curriculum vitae shows, my professional experience in the education world includes one year as an English and French teacher in Mataró and three years in Barcelona. These experiences have helped me to further develop and apply my skills when teaching a foreign language to children, teenagers and adults.

The levels that I have taught range from A1 to B2 in English, A1 to B1 in French, A1 to C2 in Spanish and Catalan, the two latter being my mother tongues, as well as the official Cambridge exam preparation courses (FCE). My experience includes tutoring with parents, organising engaging English activities and the continuous assessment of the students.

Furthermore, I work effectively within a team and I am always willing to learn in order to develop new skills. I am absolutely passionate about languages and keenly interested to help students in the process of learning them.

With my skills, experience and love for language education, I believe I would be an ideal fit for your language school or private school. I thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Carta de presentación de enseñanza en inglés.


Modelo de carta de presentación para colegios en inglés

Dear to whom it may concern,

I am a passionate fully trained and highly qualified Physics and Mathematics Teacher who believes the purpose of my career is to have an impact on the critical thinking of young people. Not only do I have a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, but also completed the official Teaching Certificate (C. A. P.), including practical experience as a secondary-school teacher. Furthermore, for the last two years I have worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Regensburg (Germany), where I held a teaching and research orientated position.

Through my educational experience, I have come to the profound conclusion that teaching is not only a challenge for which I can draw on my skills and experience, but also a commitment that I am eager to embrace. The reason for this is that my goal every day is to have a positive impact on young people. Therefore, I am highly motivated to apply for the position of Teacher in your School and I believe that I can perform as an excellent educator, hoping to contribute as much as possible to help in the positive development and growth of the School.

It is clear to me that as a teacher, I have to be constantly learning in order to continuously improve my teaching skills, and searching for the optimal techniques, strategies and materials that best facilitate the students’ learning. At the same time, I wish to foster a stimulating and healthy atmosphere in the classroom, to promote learning.

One of the most important tasks as a scientist was being able to communicate in a clear and accurate way academic results, both in writing and oral presentations. Through this experience I have developed excellent communication skills which contribute to my ability to be an exceptional teacher.

I was raised in an native English environment, since I studied elementary school in Sydney, Australia. English is also the standard language among the scientific community, meaning scientific publications and conference presentations are all written and given, respectively, in English. Furthermore, the courses and seminars I gave at the University were all in English. Therefore, I am confident that I have a virtually native English level that allows me to effectively teach and communicate. Additionally, while living in Regensburg I have intensively studied German and have thus acquired a good understanding level of the language.

Finally, thanks to my experience working within international groups in different Universities, I truly enjoy and am stimulated by working in teams with people from all around the world. Furthermore, I believe that a good collaboration among colleagues in an wholesome and communicative environment, is pivotal for developing a successful educational program. I look forward to being a part of such an environment at  your School.

Sincerely yours,

Modelo de carta de presentación para colegios en inglés.


Modelo de carta de presentación de profesores en inglés

Ms. Mrs. Head of studies:

I am writing this enclosing my resume and offering my availability as a worker, especially in the field of education.

In this regard I wish to emphasize that I am a graduate in English degree and I have profesional experience in the field of education, both as a teacher of English and as a teacher of Science in elementary school.

I should add that I own vocation as a teacher and appreciate the educational work. Also, I know the Spanish and british education system, both in structure and in its objectives and content.

I hope you consider my offer.


Modelo de carta de presentación de profesores en inglés.


Ejemplos de carta de presentación para escuelas en inglés

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this letter to send my Curriculum Vitae to express my interest in applying for a teaching position in case there was any vacancy at your school next year.

As you can see from my enclosed C.V, I have specific training in Hearing and Language and Psychology, as well as my vast experience as a Primary teacher and occupying specific positions, such as the Coordinator of Primary Teacher Team. Furthermore, I would like to highlight my working experience at a bilingual school, where I could professionally grow up with colleagues from the UK, with whom I jointly worked in different matters related to teaching.

To conclude, I would like to mention my great professional vocation and personal experience in the world of education since many years ago.

I hope you can consider my possible contribution to work performed at your school. Please do not hesitate to contact to me if you have any further questions. I will be pleased to provide additional personal details.

Thank you very much for your consideration and time,

Yours faithfully,

Ejemplos de carta de presentación para escuelas en inglés.



Ejemplos de carta de presentación de enseñanza en inglés

Dear Mr/Ms. Principal:

I am writing to offer my implication and commitment in your school, in order to contribute to make It’s education of a high quality. I am Infants Education and English and Physical Education Primary teacher, and I also have the English Language Teaching Qualification.

The same as I am highly qualified in studies related to education, I have work experience in the foreign countries and here; I have 2 years experience as tutor and English Primary teacher in bilingual schools, that is why I teach English, Science and Arts subjects in English.

In regard to my personal qualities, I would like to highlight my ability to integrate and work in groups and become part of a team. Also, I am hard worker, responsible, implicated and creative.

I would like to thank you in advance for considering this application and I suggest the possibility of having in an interview to explain any further details you may like to know about my work experience.

I enclose my curriculum and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Ejemplos de carta de presentación de enseñanza en inglés.


Ejemplo de carta de presentación para profesores en inglés

Dear Sir/Madam.

I am currently searching for work as an English language teacher. At present, I am working in Naples with the British Council, Cambridge School and the Orientale University. I plan to relocate to Malaga in the summer.

I am enthusiastic, driven and approachable with a wide range of interests, among which I count languages. I have studied several Indo-European languages, for both academic and professional requirements, and as such I am familiar with both the joy and despair that studying a second language can bring. Having been both a student and now a teacher, I believe that the key requirement in our work is the ability to instil in students an interest and curiosity in the language.

As part of my current employment with the British Council, I teach children and adults of all levels ranging from elementary to advanced. I have worked in three different countries and as such, have encountered students from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. My work at present is classroom-based with an emphasis on the communicative approach. I make use of numerous activities and aids to engage, stimulate and motivate students.

I have taught English to a wide range of students for a variety of purposes, from those focusing on exam preparation to pupils seeking to develop their skills for more social reasons. Having tutored military personnel, university lecturers, medical experts and bank officials, primary and secondary students, as well as fellow teachers, I have sufficient knowledge and experience to help business professionals to achieve their desired goals, while designing course material to suit their requirements. I prefer to focus on the ‘communicative’ method of teaching, facilitating an improvement in the student’s language production (both written and spoken) ability covering numerous subject areas. I particularly enjoy communicating with my students and I am equally comfortable teaching individuals or groups.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I thank you for taking the time to consider my application and I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,

Ejemplo de carta de presentación para profesores en inglés.