The importance of the functions performed in the resume

00The importance of the functions performed in the resume

Did you know that recruiters also read the section of the functions performed on your previous jobs in the resume? There is no doubt that one of the most complicated parts of writing in a CV is the description of the functions, but we must not do without them. Those in charge of recruiting will dedicate a part of their time to compare the functions that you performed in previous jobs with the needs and the adequacy of the job you are applying for.

A mistake that is usually made is not indicating any function waiting for the job title to speak for itself. Think that describing the functions in the CV can give you many positive points to successfully overcome a selection process: in addition to being known for explaining in detail what type of tasks you developed in previous jobs, you can show recruiters that you have the experience, skills and abilities necessary to be the perfect candidate for the job they offer.

Why is it important to include roles in your CV?

When describing roles in your CV, you do not have to include each and every one of the tasks you did in your previous job. First, prepare a compilation of tasks that you have done in each of your professional experiences so far and, later, select only those that relate to the post that interests you. With this, you will get companies to know better the type of work you developed and the level of responsibilities that you were able to assume at the time.

Other reasons why it is important to include roles in your CV, whatever job offer you send it to are:

They allow you to reinforce your achievements: Each of the roles you indicate are linked to the achievement of objectives. For example, if you affirm that one of your roles was “Increasing and retaining the client portfolio,” you can explain to the recruiter during a possible job interview the exact number of clients that you were able to attract and keep in your previous job.

You will make a good impression on the recruiters: In addition to indicating the name of the position you held in your previous job, the recruiters will reward the fact that you detail the roles you performed. This will show that you are a useful person, interested in the job you are applying for.

You will denote professionalism: According to labor experts, a curriculum that does not include tasks performed in previous jobs is less likely to pass the 6-second filter than one that does. Recruiters will want to know how you have performed in the jobs you have occupied so far and will assess your level of involvement and responsibility in what you do through the roles you describe.

You will show that you are prepared for the position: As long as you adapt the content of your curriculum – including the roles – to the job offer you are requesting, you will be able to demonstrate to the recruiting managers that you have the necessary experience and preparation to assume the responsibilities required by the position they offer.

Remember to avoid the most basic, routine, and sporadic tasks, and include those that are more recent and that are related to the requirements demanded by the company.

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