What hobbies should be included in a Curriculum Vitae?

00What hobbies should be included in a Curriculum Vitae?

You are not sure about what hobbies to write in your resume? Although it seems a section without too much importance, the truth is that your hobbies can show very positive clues to your future employer about who you are, how you work, and about your behavior. Therefore, once you start writing the curriculum; always try to include some lines talking about your main interests and hobbies, those that provide useful information about your ability to assume the tasks of the job you are requesting.

As with any other section of the curriculum structure, it is essential that you do not lie or exaggerate about your hobbies or personal interests, since recruiters could understand that you are an expert in the field and may ask you about it at some point during the job interview. Be sure to remember what hobbies you have written on the curriculum and prepare a brief explanation about each one to express yourself comfortably during the interview. Think also of some coherent reasons why you like to do that particular activity and what it gives you both personally and professionally.

8 hobbies that you can add to your resume

Including a list of hobbies in your resume will show your employer that you are a proactive person, with a wide variety of interests outside of work and with knowledge of different subjects. It is not about writing what you do in your spare time or highlighting your leisure and entertainment activities, such as “going out with my friends”, “doing crosswords” or “going to the movies”, but to indicate all those hobbies that you are passionate about and that bring you new skills and knowledge. In short, write about hobbies that attract the attention of your coach and allow you to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

If you do not know what hobbies to put on your resume to attract the attention of recruiters, do not hesitate to read the suggestions that we present below:

1. Read

In your resume, if you say you like reading, the staff selection evaluators will understand that you are a calm and intelligent person, with great concentration skills. During the job interview, you may be asked to say the literary genre you usually read and even the writer you most admire. They may also ask you how many hours you read a day and the number of books you generally read.

2. Writing

This is one of the hobbies that cannot be missing in the resume of a journalist, a teacher or a psychologist. In addition to projecting your passion for writing, the recruiter will know that you are a competent, organized, and committed person at work. If you like to write outside working hours, be it a novel or an article in your personal blog, you will show that you have the ability to express your ideas clearly and that you have great communication skills.

3. Cooking

Stating in your resume that you like to cook in general will be a good way to show that you are thoughtful, patient, and creative. If necessary, explain to the recruiter what type of cuisine you prefer (oriental, Mediterranean, classic, etc.) and mention all those cooking courses in which you have participated so far.

4. Playing an instrument

Classical guitar, violin, piano… Indicate an instrument to which you have dedicated at least two years of study. It can be very useful to apply for a job that requires dedication and discipline, among other qualities.

5. Photography

If you are looking for work in the creative, digital, or marketing industry, this hobby cannot be missing in your resume. This hobby implies creativity, patience, dedication and, in some cases, improvisation. Being an active user on Instagram does not count. Add it only if you dedicate yourself to professional photography during your free time or if you have taken courses related to this subject.

6. Practicing a sport

The recruiter’s perception before this hobby will be different depending on whether you perform a sports activity in a group or individually. If you like to go for a run or attend directed classes, it will show that you are a constant, independent person capable of improving yourself every day. However, if you mention that you usually practice a team sport, it will demonstrate your leadership skills and your ability to work in a team, as well as being responsible and respectful of the established rules.

7. Painting

Like writing, this hobby will show that you are patient and able to concentrate, primarily.

8. Dancing

As with team sports, dancing is an ideal activity to show that you are sociable and confident. It will also imply that you know the importance of effort, education and discipline well both inside and outside work.

Finally, we advise you never to include a political or religious affiliation in your hobbies, since it is data of your private life that, at times, can arouse rejection and put your application at risk.

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